Dog Daycare Play Groups

Doggy Business Play Groups are FULL! Our current waiting list is long (over 10 months out as of Feb 2021), but please DROP US AN EMAIL if you’d like to be added to the list.


When is dog daycare not dog daycare? When it’s a Doggy Business play group!

All-day unfettered daycare play is not in most dogs’ best interests.

Many a veterinarian has expressed concern about the health impacts of a lack of rest throughout the day, as well as injuries resulting from all-day play.

And dog trainers know first-hand the behavioral effects of all-day social pressure: All too often, otherwise social dogs develop inappropriate behavior from prolonged daycare attendance.
That’s why we don’t do traditional dog daycare.

Why our Doggy Business play groups are better:


  • Half days provide your dog plenty of exercise while ensuring he’ll love playing with his buddies for years to come
  • Small groups keep the fun calm and controlled
  • Careful screening means your dog doesn’t pick up any new bad habits
  • Minimum of two qualified staff members per play group keeps eyes on all situations and provides lots of one-on-one attention
  • Active staff engagement promotes solid play skills and basic manners training you benefit from at home
  • No yelling, spray bottles, air horns, shake cans, or other negative, fear-inducing “training” approaches curbing your dog’s fun

We approach play groups as a half-day play-and-learn class for your dog. That means fun and manners for your best friend and easy living with him for you.

Who are Doggy Business play groups for:

  • Dogs that are at least 5 months old
  • Dogs that weigh at least 20 pounds

You Should Know: We ask for current rabies, DHLPP, and bordetella vaccines.




How your dog will spend his play group time:

  1. Lots of supervised play with hand-picked buddies chosen for compatibility
  2. Frequent training game breaks like group sits and downs, recalls, follow the leader, and agility games keep play from overheating while promoting good manners

We strive to balance physical exercise with mental enrichment to send your dog home happy and just the right amount of tired.

Enjoy pictures of Doggy Business playgroups in action →

Play Group service details

Think our play groups might be the right fit for your dog? Getting started is easy!

Step 1.Make sure the play groups work for your schedule! Our play groups are from 8am-12pm, Monday through Friday:

Drop off from 8-8:30am and Pick up between 11:30am-12pm
$26/dog per session

Step 2. Set up your free evaluation

To make sure we’re the right fit for you and your dog, we do a one-hour meet & greet session for each new client. This one-hour appointment lets you see us in action and ask us any questions you have, and gives your dog a chance to experience a taste of play group to make sure she thinks it’s as fun as we do.


A message about Doggy Business play groups

We love play groups! We love them for what they do for dogs—a safe outlet to play their hearts out and ensure a rich, varied day while you work. We love them for what they do for our clients—providing peace of mind while you work and a tuckered, easy dog to hang with at the end of your day. And we just plain love them—we feel so lucky to spend our days with your dogs.

All that said, we know you won’t be making the choice of where to send your dog lightly. We agree you shouldn’t! So here’s what you should know about us and our credentials.

read here about our credentials

– Doug & Meredith

Think our play groups might be the right fit fo your dog?

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"Doggy Business does doggy play sessions like no other."

“I LOVE this place! Doug and Meredith clearly love dogs, and are so knowledgeable and personable. I feel like they really care for our dog, and take the time to get to know him and his needs. This is the reason I started sending him here for play groups instead of his other doggy daycare. My dog was having some issues with fence fighting, and I found out the old doggy daycare was using aversive techniques, like squirting with water bottles, and it was possibly making issues worse.

When I found out Doggy Business had a trainer on staff during play groups, I knew this was the place for my dog. He LOVES it, has friends there, and he comes home tired after 4 hours of play. Doggy Business does doggy play sessions like no other. They don’t just let the dogs have unstructured time. They are highly supervised, and work on training during the play sessions. This has helped keep our dog sharp with his skills- both with people and with other dogs. Thank you, Doggy Business!”

–Janet, on behalf of Bentley