Leading the pack in PDX

Portland’s dog-loving community is a discerning group. We’re right with you.
That’s why we’ve insisted on doing things differently right from the start:

Portland's original all-positive dog daycare

The first Certified Behavior Consultant
(CBCC-KA) in Oregon

A wide array of services for stress-free
urban living with your dog

In short, we've made it our business to be the best in the doggy business.

How can we make life with dogs easier for you?

  • A load off your mind:
    Puppy Play &
    Learn Camp

    It’s a great option for learning some puppy basics, while also providing socialization practice and exercise! During the two-hour play and learn training session we’ll give your puppy opportunities...

    Learn about our puppy play & learn camp. →

  • A great start:
    Puppy Training

    Solve pesky puppy problems and set your pup up for a lifetime of polite behavior with our classes, private training, and Puppy Fast Track program.

    Learn about our puppy raising relief options. →

  • Real-life results:
    Dog Training

    From basic manners to focused clinics on recall, stay, and polite walking, our classes get you results where they matter most—your real life outside the classroom.

    Learn about our real-life classes. →

  • A sigh of relief:
    Private Training
    for Aggression

    Our Certified Behavior Consultant, also known as Doug, specializes in working with fearful and aggressive dogs to make life easier for you and your best friend.

    Learn how we provide relief from fear and aggression. →

  • Peace of Mind:
    Dog Walking

    Our dog walkers let you head to work with an easy mind, knowing you’ll be coming home to a calm, happy, well-exercised dog.

    Learn about our professional approach to dog walking. →

A new leash on life: Careers With Dogs

Start or grow your dog walking business through the dog*tec Dog Walking Academy, or benefit from dog*tec business consulting for your walking, daycare, or training business.

Learn about making your living with the dogs. →

Why we use only reward-based training:

  • 1

    Punishment is no fun for the punished or the punisher

  • 2

    Science has shown very clearly that reward-based training is just as effective as old school methods, without the unintended side effect risks

  • 3

    We want your dog to love coming to Doggy Business, and to love doing what you ask

  • 4

    We want you to feel great about sending your dog to learn with us

A message from Doggy Business owners Doug Duncan & Meredith Wilson

January 2023 UPDATE-Doggy Business is changing our service model, and will not be offering group training classes this winter. Please contact us by email if you’d like a referral and stay tuned for more details about upcoming services! If you have any questions, please DROP US AN EMAIL.

We’ve always taken a serious approach to being the best Portland has to offer dogs and their people. Part of that serious approach is having a lot of fun doing what we do—and making sure the dogs have a blast, too.

Just as importantly, we want you to have a great experience with us, whether it’s the most fun hour of your week in our group classes, relief from troubling issues through private dog training, or daily peace of mind through our daycare play group and dog walking services.

For all these reasons, we take our own education and professional development very seriously. (There’s that word again!)

Here’s what you should know about us and our credentials.

– Doug & Meredith

"The most wonderful place for doggies and their owners!"

“This is the most wonderful place in the world for doggies and their owners! Our experience started with Puppy Kindergarten and has continued with play groups and training. The owners, Doug and Meredith, and all their employees are adored by their clients (the dogs) and it seems that every activity is planned and executed with a real loving spirit. We will continue play groups and training here for the rest of our dog’s life!

-Jeanie, on behalf of Jasmine