Fearful & Aggressive Dogs

Let us make life easier for you and your best friend

Living with fear and aggression is stressful for human and dog alike. We can help, and we’d love to

Enjoy relief from:

DOG-DOG FEAR AND AGGRESSION ISSUES like barking, growling, and lunging at other dogs while on leash; rivalry and fighting between dogs in your household; inappropriate on or off-leash greetings of other dogs; off-leash fighting with other dogs

HUMAN-DIRECTED FEAR AND AGGRESSION ISSUES like barking and growling at or biting of family members, visitors to your home, or strangers on the street; discomfort around or aggression toward children

CANINE SHYNESS OR CONFIDENCE ISSUES like shying away from being petted, hiding behind you, or stalling out on walks

Why choose us to bring relief from fear and aggression:

  • Lead trainer Doug Duncan specializes in fearful and aggressive dogs
  • Doug was the first Certified Behavior Consultant (CBCC-KA) in Oregon
  • Doug has been working with shy, fearful and aggressive dogs since 2006-and has had a soft spot for them for much longer
  • Doug personalizes each training plan to the client he’s working with and the dog he’s helping to train
  • No aversives, ever-Doug uses only the most scientifically up-to-date positive-based training methods

Choose from 3 program options:

Private Training

personalized to you and your dog

Calm & Cool group class IN PERSON!

for people-friendly dogs who bark and lunge at other dogs when on leash

ONLINE single-session seminars

for owners of leash-reactive dogs who need some basic information about why dogs are reactive and what type of training is most effective

Our Programs

Option #1: Private Training


If you’re struggling with a dog who behaves badly toward other dogs, members of your own household, or strangers, you know the stress, inconvenience, frustration, fear, and sometimes embarrassment of living with a fearful or aggressive dog. Let our lead trainer, Doug Duncan, bring relief to your doorstep. Doug will come to your home for an Initial Consult to assess your dog and discuss your goals, then craft a customized training plan to create positive change—and see you through it.

For: Dogs of any age exhibiting signs of fear or aggression, such as barking, growling, lunging, snapping, and biting; as well as more subtle signs of fear, shyness, or lack of confidence such as frequent tail tucking, hiding, crouching, fleeing, or freezing in place.

You Should Know: Private training begins with a one-hour initial consult to discuss your goals, devise a training plan, and bring some initial relief. Doug primarily works in Portland and Vancouver. If you live outside of these areas, Doug is available by appointment at the Doggy Business training facility at 4905 NE 42nd Avenue in Portland.

Program Length: Your training program will be customized to your goals.

Initial Consult Fee: $150

Training Fees: $120 per hour; discounted package rates available when you commit to 5 or more sessions.

To schedule your Initial Consult, give Doug a call at 503-313-2200 to start your dog aggression training Portland Oregon today.

Option #2: Calm & Cool group dog training class – IN PERSON!


Join fellow owners of leash-reactive dogs for a supportive class led by experienced trainer and instructor Amber Mahoney, CPDT-KA. Your dog will benefit from a safe place to practice new ways of being around other dogs while on leash. Amber will guide you through a series of exercises designed to change the way your dog feels about seeing other dogs, and you’ll learn easy techniques to teach him new ways to respond when dogs appear. You’ll be amazed at the progress your dog makes over the course of our 6 weeks together.

For: Dogs of any age who are comfortable around new people. Students must be at least 16 years old, and if under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Tuition: $250 for 6 weeks. Please note: First class is an orientation.

Start Date Day Time Instructor
October 27 Thursday 5:30-6:30pm Amber Mahoney, CPDT-KA
November 13 Sunday 1:30-2:30pm Amber Mahoney, CPDT-KA

To sign up for Calm & Cool class, reach out by email

Option #3: Online seminars on reactivity

In response to current social distancing guidelines, we’re offering single-session seminars about dog reactivity.

Tuition: $30

Grumpy Growly – Reactive Dog Training and Management

Growling, lunging, snapping, biting – we’ve all seen it. Reactive behaviors are challenging no matter the situation you’re in. This hour-long seminar gives you tools to help manage and reduce reactivity. We will discuss why dogs are reactive, what type of training is effective, and how to use management and mental enrichment to help reduce reactivity.

Start Date Day Time Instructor
July 12 Monday 5:30-6:30pm Amber Mahoney, CPDT-KA

To start the enrollment process, please click on the link below to set up an account in our online scheduling software (Gingr). From there you can request the class and all of our other services!

Grumpy Growly!


A Message From Doug Duncan about Fear and Aggression

WHY ALL THE FOCUS ON SOCIALIZATION? We know you’re probably here because your puppy is peeing all over everything or puncturing skin and clothing with those baby canines. Also because you’d like that little bundle of cute to come when you call and sit when you ask. We understand, and all of our puppy programs are designed to tackle these issues and get your puppy started on her basic manners.

But while we’re at it, we also want to make sure your pup is properly socialized so you get to enjoy a super chill, laid back adult dog who’s great with other dogs, kids, and strangers-a dog who can go anywhere with you, handle any situation.

It can be hard to prioritize socialization when you’ve got a wriggly, friendly puppy on your hands. But too often friendly puppies break their peoples’ hearts by turning into fearful adults, and fear easily morphs into aggressive behavior like barking, growling, and lunging to make scary thing move away. Puppy socialization-systematic, positive exposure to all we want pups to be cool about as adults-is key to avoiding this heatbreak as your puppy reaches sexual maturity.

The good news is that socializing puppies is easy and fun and can be done while your puppy is learning her basic manners. In fact, the two go hand-in-hand perfectly. So let’s get training and socializing your fabulous new family member together!

Want to know more about us first?

Read here about our credentials and puppy training team

-Doug & Meredith

Ready for relief?

Schedule your private training, Initial Consult or register for Calm & Cool class by email or phone: 503.327.8877

"I was at the end of my rope... Doggy Business came to the rescue!"

“I was at the end of my rope. My very large and strong dog Winston had become aggressive and hostile towards every living non-human creature. I couldn’t take him anywhere without running the risk of him attacking something, or even leave him unattended around my other dog. Then Doggy Business came to the rescue…! (Queue epic theme music). After attending behavior classes, Winston’s back to being the lovable fur bag I knew and loved before his psychotic break. Now, Winston’s happier and so am I.”
– Ester on behalf of Winston & Lucy